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“Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi Tata Tentrem Kerto Raharjo” is a famous traditional Javanese figurative language. This term describes prosperous life which is always expected and become the purpose of life. For some people this term is a prayer and a philosophy to live their life. In business life, prosperity is what every company wants to achieve. Every company does everything to reach this condition--from developing a great system in every department, making unique and valuable products, especially doing good marketing and promotion. Marketing and promotion can’t be put aside from visual media development in it. It can be in any visual form—printed media, multimedia, or audiovisual media. The problem is how to design an effective visual media. In that case, company needs a help; so we present our expertise in visual media design to be a partner of the company to reach “Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi Tata Tentrem kerto Raharjo”.

  • Graphic Design
  • Commercial Photography 
  • Commercial Videography
  • Multimedia Design
  • Karangduren XI/30 Pakisaji, Malang 
  • Email   -   lohjinawikomrupa@gmail.com 
  • Phone  -   081.937.905.809

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